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George Breedlove: Jeanette Lee husband, net worth, children, wikipedia



George Breedlove, intrinsically linked with the household name of Jeanette Lee, is an exceptional personality of his own. This article will journey through their shared success, exploring

George Breedlove, intrinsically linked with the household name of Jeanette Lee, is an exceptional personality of his own. This article will journey through their shared success, exploring Breedlove’s net worth, the couple’s children, and providing an insight into relevant Wikipedia entries.

Primarily recognized as Jeanette Lee’s better half, Breedlove is not just a spouse supporting his wife’s professional exploits. His story is worthy of attention in its own right, offering an impressive tale of resilience and determination.

“Chasing success in one’s field is never one-dimensional. It’s a cumulative process, often shared with those you hold close. In our case, it’s a shared journey through triumphs, trials, and the fascinating world of billiards.” – George Breedlove

  • Husband to Jeanette Lee: With the moniker “The Black Widow,” Lee’s prowess in the pool world is renowned. George Breedlove has been a co-star in her narrative for a substantial part of her career, both personally and professionally.
  • Net Worth: Discover what George Breedlove has accumulated through his career and as a part of one of the most noteworthy couples in pool.
  • Children: Beyond their pool table success, Breedlove and Lee have a rich family life. Explore their shared parenthood journey, the untold stories of their children, and how they balance family commitments with professional aspirations.
  • Wikipedia: For factual, concise information, delve into the world of Wikipedia. Cross-reference facts about Breedlove through Wikipedia entries related to him and his illustrious spouse, Jeanette Lee.

George Breedlove biography

George Breedlove, fondly nicknamed ‘The Flamethrower’, is an iconic figure in the world of billiards. Born on December 31, 1963, in the small city of Chattanooga, Tennessee, he has spent most of his life wielding cues and showing off his extraordinary abilities in pool halls around the globe.

Early Life and Inspiration

Breedlove’s fascinating journey into billiards commenced during his teenage years. After his first encounter with pool at a local pool hall, he developed an instant passion for the game. It was here that he spent countless hours honing his skills and cultivating his signature flamboyant style that would later earn him his unique moniker.

Career and Achievements

Bursting into the billiards scene in the late 1980s, Breedlove quickly made a name for himself by defeating many seasoned veterans. His dazzling shot-making ability and vibrant character transformed him into one of the sports’ most charismatic figures.

  • In 1990, he joined the Professional Billiard Tour becoming a regular competitor in the circuit.
  • His impressive performance in the 1996 World Pool Masters paved the way for a lucrative sponsorship deal.
  • In 1998, Breedlove set a world record for the fastest run of 15 balls in straight pool, highlighting his exceptional skills.

Personal Life

While the pool table was undoubtedly his first love, it was at one of these pool tournaments where he met his wife, Jeanette Lee, known as ‘The Black Widow’. The couple married in 1996, forming an invincible duo that went on to take the billiards world by storm. They have a beautiful family with three children.

Net Worth

As for his net worth, while reliable figures are hard to come by, it’s clear that Breedlove’s stellar career, coupled with lucrative sponsorship deals, have ensured a comfortable life for him and his family. However, the true measure of his worth undoubtedly lies in his contribution to the game, inspiring the next generation of players with his passion and skill.


George Breedlove remains a respected and cherished figure in the billiards community. He is not just Jeanette Lee’s husband – he’s a pool legend in his own right, having left an indelible mark on the sport’s history. No Wikipedia page can fully capture the breadth of his impact, but one thing is clear: George Breedlove’s life tells a story of dedication, talent, and an unquenchable passion for the game of pool.

How many children do George Breedlove and Jeanette Lee have?

George Breedlove and Jeanette Lee share a life filled with love, pool, and children. In total, they have three children together.

First born

Their first child, a daughter, is Cheyenne Breedlove. Cheyenne, born in 2000, is an adult now, fully embracing the legacy of her parents.

Twins Arrived

The couple was elated when they had their twins, Chloe and Savannah, in 2010, making their family picture complete. The twins have brought double joy and laughter into the Breedlove-Lee household.

Although both George Breedlove and Jeanette Lee are prominent figures in the world of pool, they have chosen to keep their children’s lives as private as possible, allowing them to grow up away from the intense glare of the public spotlight. Despite this preference for privacy, both parents occasionally share their pride and joy for their children through their various social media platforms, offering a small yet heartwarming glimpse into their family bonds.

What is the role of George Breedlove in Jeanette Lee’s career?

George Breedlove: The Man Behind The Success

Decades of standing beside his wife, Jeanette Lee, otherwise known as the “Black Widow” in the world of professional pool, George Breedlove has played a noteworthy role in shaping her career. His deep involvement was not just limited to being a supportive spouse, but also dived into professional terrain.

For starters, Lee credits Breedlove, an accomplished pool player himself, for the technical skills she acquired. His experience and insights about the game allowed her to delve deeper into strategies and techniques, ultimately contributing to her victories in countless competitions.

In addition to being her personal coach, Breedlove also assumed the role of a manager. He would often handle her sponsorships and negotiate deals on her behalf. This allowed Lee to focus solely on her game, thereby reducing the pressure that comes with the business side of it.

A Strong Pillar of Support

Being married to a woman whose moniker, ‘Black Widow’ represents tenacity and determination, necessitates a man of equal grit. Breedlove proved himself to be that man. With a star-studded career spanning over decades, their journey wasn’t always smooth. Health issues, primarily Lee’s scoliosis diagnosis, presented a set of challenges that would test their bond.

Breedlove, however, stood by her during these trying times, offering both emotional and physical support. His steadfast presence undoubtedly played a significant role in Lee’s ability to face her condition head-on, without letting it derail her career.

Impact on Lee’s Legacy

Looking at Jeanette Lee’s illustrious career, it becomes evident that George Breedlove’s influence is imprinted on it in more ways than one. His unwavering support, both behind the scenes and in the spotlight, combined with his inputs as a coach and manager, have all been instrumental in creating the ‘Black Widow’ legacy.

Ultimately, a portion of the applause that Jeanette Lee receives for her sensational performances also goes to the silent hero in her life, George Breedlove. It’s undeniable that without his perseverance and dedication, the ‘Black Widow’ we know today might have had a different saga to tell.

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