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Polydactyl cats: How much is a polydactyl cat worth? Health issue, Meaning



This week, the internet is being inundated with a great dad joke. What do you call a flea-infested rabbit? For the solution, keep reading.

Polydactyl cats are cats that have extra toes on their paws, which is a genetic mutation. The extra toes can give the cat a unique and adorable look, and it can also make them more skilled at catching prey. Here’s some information on your queries:

How much is a polydactyl cat worth?

The value of a polydactyl cat can vary depending on its breed, age, and location. In general, a polydactyl cat will not cost more than a cat without extra toes of the same breed. However, some breeders may charge a premium for polydactyl cats because they are considered rare and unique. You can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $500 for a polydactyl cat.


Polydactyl cats are also known as “Hemingway cats” because the famous author Ernest Hemingway was a fan of these cats and kept several on his estate in Key West, Florida. Today, there is a colony of polydactyl cats that live on the Hemingway estate, and they are a popular tourist attraction. In some cultures, polydactyl cats are considered good luck, and they are believed to bring wealth and prosperity to their owners.

Christy Avery has worked as a veterinary technician for more than five years, caring for both domestic and exotic animals. She has received training as a Fear Free Certified Professional to prevent and treat pet anxiety, fear, and stress.