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Watch This Heartwarming Video of Two Chatty Cats That Will Keep You Captivated For Hours

Adorable Cats Engage in Heartwarming Conversation That Will Make You Watch Them for Hours



Watch This Heartwarming Video of Two Chatty Cats That Will Keep You Captivated For Hours

Conversation: Watch These Two Cats Talking in a Heartwarming Video That Will Hold Your Attention for Hours:

16 years later, the video of two adorable cats talking to each other is still relevant!

Cute videos of animals have been of interest to humans much before the advent of social media. Unlike viral moments in today’s world that die quickly after clocking millions of views in a short span of time, some videos on the Internet will never cease to catch our attention. So, let’s revisit the two talking kitties that melted hearts with their most adorable conversation.

Heartwarming video of two cats talking

The video of the talking kitties was first posted in 2007, and their conversation has clocked more than 103 million views and counting!

The cats – Stina and Mossy – are heard making the cutest of sounds as they respond to each other in the viral video. According to the description on YouTube, they kept up with that for almost an hour!

The heartwarming moment between them is described as “odd” because they were often seen fighting with each other. However, they seem to be enjoying each other’s company during the conversation which pet lovers are trying to decode.

almost sounds like they are trying to meow while purring throughout the video, without budging from their respective spots.

The female cats Stina and Mossy were 10 years old when the video was filmed. They weren’t related to each other.

Adorable moment is still relevant years later

Social media users have unanimously agreed that the video of the talking cats is still relevant and it has the same impact as it did years ago regardless of the number of times it has been viewed.

One user said: “I still remember being like 2-3 years old and watching this video on a daily basis to make me smile. I’m now 14, almost 15, and I get so nostalgic watching this”

“This is really cute. It does actually look like they’re having a conversation with each other,” added another.

A third user said: “This is too cute. I’m grateful their conversation is immortalized on YouTube.”

“16 years later, still speaking facts,” wrote one.

You can actually speak to cats too

TikTok user Alec Newman has mastered the cat language it seems as if his lessons on understanding the animal are very effective. Here’s how you can interact with a kitty:

  • Mah Mah Mah” – This mean “food”. When you mimic the sound, your cat understands you’re referring to food.
  • Ma-AH” – means, “come here.” However, not all lessons work on different cats in the same way. Alec explains the second lesson may not work on all cats, because they don’t come when approached, unlike dogs.
  • “Brrrrrrrrr-ah” – This is a gentle “come here” or can be used to wake the cat up when it’s sleeping.

Christy Avery has worked as a veterinary technician for more than five years, caring for both domestic and exotic animals. She has received training as a Fear Free Certified Professional to prevent and treat pet anxiety, fear, and stress.