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Dog Breeds that stat with O



The American Kennel Club only recognizes two breeds whose names begin with the letter O. These are the Otterhound and the Old English Sheepdog. These dogs are charming, perceptive, and brilliant, and they can live at home.

The American Kennel Club has recognized the breeds of dogs mentioned below.

Old English Sheepdog

The old English sheepdog is well identified by the dense, long fur that surrounds its front. This dog was bred to drive cattle, but it is more at home, spending time with its owners in modern times.

They are large dogs that love to exercise, especially running. They are swift runners for their size. The old English sheepdog is happy laying around at home, though, once the exercise is done.

They need training as puppies as they grow into large, hairy dogs. When they are small, a wet, muddy puppy can be adorable. When fully grown, they can be a nightmare.

Fortunately, because they are an intelligent breed, they do not forget something once they learn it, making them easy to train.

When running, their coat looks fantastic as it flies in the wind. Their long and shaggy coats hide their eyes most of the time. Regular teeth and coat brushing are a must for this dog.

This dog can weigh 100 pounds and reach heights of 21 inches.


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This British originating dog is known to be scarce and uncommon. The dog has a double coat that assumes wheat, blue, black, white, and liver colors.

Otterhound dogs are highly social and will mix well with other dogs.

Their friendliness and ability to mix easily are aspects that make many people love this dog. They are a breed with lots of energy and one that will always be there for you to play games with them.

When given cause to bark, this dog usually makes sure that his or her voice is heard. The otterhound dog can reach 115 pounds and up to 27 inches in height.