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Dog With Big Lips: Black dog with big lips meme

Exploring the Viral Sensation: ‘Black Dog with Big Lips’ Meme Phenomenon



Dogue de Bordeaux

Dear reader, one striking example is the famed Black Dog with Big Lips Meme. Let’s dive into this quirky phenomenon that has taken the internet by storm and sparked countless laughs, shares, and spin-offs.

This meme, featuring a charming pooch with undeniably protruding lips, has found its way into the heart of meme lovers and dog aficionados alike. But what is it about this meme that has made it such an internet sensation?

Dog With Big Lips
  • Relatable Expressions: The dog’s distinct look – particularly its large lips and the amusing, sometimes seemingly judgmental expressions – is something people related to right off the bat.
  • Meme Adaptability: The versatility of the image allows it to be used in a variety of contexts, lending humor to an array of situations and scenarios.
  • Universal Appeal: Regardless of a person’s culture, language, or geographical location, the comedic appeal is almost universal.

“Indeed, the internet’s diverse crowd has found a strange kinship in the silliness of the Black Dog with Big Lips Meme, proving yet again that laughter is truly a universal language.”

‘s delve into the birth of this dog meme, its rise to popularity, and why it continues to make people around the world laugh and fall in love with it.

The question may appear amusing at first, but it’s actually quite pertinent! After all, distinguishing a dog’s lips is not as straightforward as identifying human lips.

Dogs do indeed have lips. But unlike humans, their lips aren’t designed for sipping through straws or for applying lipstick. The structure and function of a dog’s lips are unique to their species, serving purposes more suited to their way of life.

Dog lips, also known as the ‘labia,’can be found around their mouth and run along the sides, ending near the loose skin of their cheeks.

visible lips. Some breeds, though, sport bold, droopy, and wrinkly lips that are impossible to miss.

Let’s explore 11 dog breeds known for their oversized lips – a feature that often leads to drool-filled kisses. From Bulldogs to Dogo Argentinos, this list spotlights pooches who provide the biggest smooches!

11 Dog Breeds With Amazingly Big Lips

As much as we love all dogs for their loyalty, playfulness and unmatched companionship, some breeds do stand out for their unique features. One such distinct feature that has been gaining attention recently thanks to the popular black dog with big lips meme, are those canines who sport remarkably big lips. So, let’s dive straight into learning about the 11 dog breeds that are simply irresistible with their large, endearing lips.

  • Bulldog: Bulldogs, with their saggy lips and droopy faces, are known for their brave yet lovable persona. Those adorable wrinkles add up to their overall charm.
  • Boxer: Boxers have highly defined large lips that complement their infectious energy and athletic nature perfectly.
  • Neopolitan Mastiff: This heavyweight breed flaunts huge, heavy lips that give them an undeniably noble and dignified look.
  • St Bernard: St Bernard’s big lips, combined with their gentle eyes, contribute to their adorably benevolent expression.
  • Newfoundland: A Newfoundland’s large lips and big, fluffy coat make it one of the most irresistibly cuddly breeds out there.

Now, let’s take a look at the remaining six breeds that are both impressive in size and sporting sizeable lips:

  • Black and Tan Coonhound: This breed’s floppy lips are hard to resist, especially when combined with their sleek black coats.
  • English Toy Spaniel: Small in size but big on personality and, of course, lips. An English Toy Spaniel’s plush lips perfectly offset its petite physique.
  • Bergamasco: The reason you may not immediately notice a Bergamasco’s big lips is because they’re often hidden beneath an extraordinary amount of fur.
  • Clumber Spaniel: This breed’s wide muzzle and hanging lips give it a distinctive, memorable appearance.
  • Bloodhound: As a breed well-known for its superb tracking abilities, Bloodhounds also bring big, droopy lips to the table.
  • Dogue De Bordeaux: Known as the ‘French Mastiff,’ this breed’s oversized lips may be its most memorable feature, contributing to the expressive face that’s full of charm.

There you have it! Eleven breeds of dogs known for their fabulously big lips. Now you know that lip size in dogs doesn’t just vary—it can actually become a distinctive feature that characterizes an entire breed.


Imagine a dog creating ripples on the internet, not just because of how adorable they are – because let’s face it, dogs were practically etched with cute characteristics – but because of something quite unusual about their appearance. Imagine a dog with lips, so incredibly lush that they become the main attraction. Yes, you’re right, we’re introducing you to the internet’s newest sensation, the “black dog with big lips.”

Dog With Big Lips

Digging into The Black Dog with Big Lips Meme

The meme of this lovable canine with unusually large lips has captured people’s hearts and tickled their funny bones enough to go viral. How did it all start? Here’s the scoop:

  1. The spotlight: A single photo of the dog wearing a distinctive and slightly comical expression due to his oversized lips was posted on social media.
  2. The spread: The image rapidly gained traction as users found humor and charm in the dog’s unique look, spreading it across multiple platforms.
  3. The recognition: Soon, it wasn’t just ordinary internet users who were riding the wave. Celebrities and influencers joined in on the fun too, reposting and retweeting, solidifying its status as a meme.

While the black dog with big lips meme is definitely one for the books, it serves as an amusing reminder of the power of individuality. This internet sensation is the epitome of standing out in the crowd, thus encouraging acceptance of uniqueness in our pets and ourselves.

Join us as we leap into a detailed exploration of this meme, the dog’s breed, and just how the internet fell head-over-heels for this special canine’s comely lips.

Shar Pei

Visualizing wrinkles, a ton of loose skin, and – of course – those massive lips.

Known for its distinct look, the Shar Pei breed has a broad muzzle decked with oversized lips, which contributes to its unique charm. Originally from China, these exotic dogs have taken the internet by storm, particularly due to their characteristic big lips and adorable frown.

Shar Pei

Fun Fact: “Shar Pei” translates to “sand skin,” which perfectly describes their rough coat, another distinct feature of this breed.

But, why the big lips, you might wonder? From a practical standpoint, their large lips and mouth capacity were incredibly beneficial in their historical roles. As these pups were initially employed as hunters and herders, their girthy lips allowed them to hold onto their prey more effectively.

Turning to the meme culture, a black Shar Pei with big lips creates a picture that’s more endearing than scary. From stealing your girl with his “Kylie Jenner Challenge” lips to the dog trying to eat a lemon – the memes are absolutely hilarious! Leave it to a Shar Pei to bring out the charms that aBlack Dog with Big Lips Meme can offer. It’s their ability to incite affection despite their relatively grumpy aesthetic that earned them a spot in meme history.

So, the next time you run into a photo of a black dog with huge lips on the internet, there’s a decent chance it could be a Shar Pei. And with every look at those oversized lips, remember: each meme has its backstory, and it’s more fascinating than you might think!


saggy skin and droopy lips of these dogs are more than just for show, these features are actually working tools!

These dogs are famed for their incredible sense of smell – they have as many as 300 million scent receptors, outnumbering most other breeds. The droopy lips and loose skin help to pick up and hold scent particles, aiding in their tracking abilities. Ever wondered why a Bloodhound’s face looks a bit wrinkly? Those intriguing folds of skin and big lips aren’t just adorable, they serve a significant purpose!


The Bloodhound’s lips aren’t the only impressive aspect of this breed. Known for its endurance and tenacity, the Bloodhound is quite a sight to behold while it’s trailing a scent. Its long, droopy ears and large lips complement the breed’s qualities, adding to the impressive catalog of its physical characteristics. As far as memes go, these stunning features also make for some pretty hilarious facial expressions that the internet just can’t get enough of!

Simply put, these dogs are bred to be super sniffers. And while they may not have the same big-lipped smile that has made the Black dog with big lips meme so popular, they contribute to the larger conversation and appreciation of dogs with distinctive, lovable features.

BreedNotable FeatureFunction of Feature
BloodhoundBig, droopy lipsHelps pick up and hold scent particles, aiding in tracking abilities

Remember, every breed has unique characteristics that make it special, and every dog’s features serve a function that adds to its brilliance.


Have caught the fascination of web surfers globally. Among these, a certain four-legged furball, intriguingly known as the Black dog with big lips, has stolen the limelight recently. Its adorableness, coupled with its extremely distinctive big lips, makes the sight of this pooch an irresistible one, quickly turning this beloved canine’s face into a viral sensation.


“A meme is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads by means of imitation from person to person within a culture and often carries symbolic meaning representing a particular phenomenon or theme.”

But what’s the story behind this much-tweeted and meme’d image? Who is this black dog with big lips? Sit, stay, and let’s dig into the story behind this captivating K9.

  • The Breed: While it’s hard to pin down the exact breed of this photogenic model, it’s likely that our lippy pup is a type of Bulldog or Boxer, known for their large, expressive mouths.
  • The Popularity: The appeal of this meme is multi-faceted. On one hand, it’s about the sheer cuteness and distinctiveness of the dog in question. On the other hand, it’s how effectively its image lends itself to a plethora of relatable situations, thereby making it a favorite pick for meme creators.
  • The Dog: Unfortunately, the identity of the dog itself remains a mystery. Despite launching thousands of shares and likes, the name of this internet sensation is still unknown, keeping us all in eager anticipation of knowing more about this fascinating furball.

Neopolitan Mastiff

‘Black Dog with Big Lips’ meme. A cultural trend that took the internet by storm thanks to its unique charm and goofiness wrapped up in one dog breed. But you may not know the full story, all the nuances of this phenomenon that stretched across internet platforms. That’s where this article comes in.

Neopolitan Mastiff

It all started with a single, adorable picture, and it turned into an internet-wide trend.

Sit back and take this journey with us as we explore:

  • What breed the star of this meme is
  • The initial viral post of the ‘Black Dog with Big Lips’
  • The spread across various social media platforms
  • Famous adaptations and variations on the meme Get ready to laugh, to ‘aww,’ and to learn quite a few interesting tidbits about meme culture, internet virality, and of course, a particular black dog with big lips. So dive in with us into this unique slice of internet culture!

St Bernard

black dog with exceptionally large lips on your social media feed? Well, you’re not alone. This captivating canine has managed to charm countless internet folks with his endearing appearance, now affectionately known as the Black Dog with Big Lips Meme. Originating from an image of an endearing Bulldog with unusually big lips, this meme brought a much-needed dose of laughter and light-heartedness to many.

St Bernard

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras

I, like many others, was intrigued by this adorable dog with his super-sized smile! Is this exaggerated lip size typical for his breed? Or is it thanks to a clever use of squeaky toys or a well-timed photograph? If you’re also curious about the story behind these magnified mutt mouth memes, buckle up because we’re going on a delightful, tail-wagging journey.

How it all began

The origin of the Black Dog with Big Lips Meme can be traced back to a post shared by an Instagram user, known for their pet-friendly content. An image of their pet Bulldog, sporting a pair of amusingly large and droopy lips, quickly became a viral sensation, garnering thousands of shares and reactions. Here’s a timeline:

  1. The original post was shared.
  2. Social media users, amused by the pupper’s unique appearance, started sharing the image.
  3. Creative netizens started leveraging the image, developing a plethora of hilarious, heartwarming, and even thought-provoking memes.
  4. The Bulldog, initially just another internet dog, became a superstar overnight, having his image spread across various platforms, loved and shared by many. Be aware, the Black Dog with Big Lips Meme is more than just a snapshot of a loveable pup; it’s a testimony to the joy and wholesomeness our canine companions bring into our lives!4

Black and Tan Coonhound

with big lips meme. If you are an avid internet user, social media enthusiast, or meme lover, you’ve likely come across this widely shared image. Before we present a deep dive into this charming phenomenon, here’s what you should know about this internet celebrity.

Often characterized by its distinctive big lips, the black dog featured in this popular meme is typically a Bulldog, a breed known for their loose, wrinkly skin around the mouth area. This feature, while medically referred to as “flews”, gives their faces a unique structure that many find endearing and has led to their heightened popularity in memes. It’s not just Bulldogs though – a variety of breeds can sport this look, and we’ll be taking acloser look at each of them.

The Black Dog with Big Lips Meme – an endearing, viral sensation that keeps dog-lovers and meme enthusiasts entertained, and definitely fuels searching for more.

  • The Meme: Features mostly the image of a Bulldog, but other breeds can also show off the ‘big lips’ look.
  • The Expression: The big lips contribute to amusingly expressive faces, a key element of the meme’s appeal.
  • The Popularity: Its widespread usage across different digital platforms has made it a recognizable facet of internet culture.

Get ready to unfold the layers behind the iconic Black Dog with Big Lips meme, dive into its origin, the breeds involved, and why it became an internet sensation. If you’re an ardent meme lover or a dog aficionado enthusiastic about knowing more about this humorous and charming meme, this article was written for you!

English Toy Spaniel

looking at one particularly entertaining internet phenomenon: the Black Dog with Big Lips Meme. But we aren’t just here to look, folks, tell me – isn’t it a delight to uncover the backstory of why certain images explode on the digital scene? Strap in, because that’s exactly what we’re doing today. We’ll be digging into the canine corner of the internet, and putting light on the dogs with exaggerated and humorous features that have charmed us endlessly on our social media feeds.

Before we get whisked away in the world of memes, let’s consider what makes these big-lipped black dogs assert such an irresistible presence:

  • The big lips: A prominent feature within this category of memes, indeed an essential part of their charm which ignites laughter and joy in onlookers.
  • That classic goofy expression: Nothing tickles our funny bone quite like good ol’ canine innocence – their puzzled or delighted expressions are enough to make any day brighter.
  • The black coat: Provides a stunning contrast to those striking facial features, framing the unseriousness in a brilliantly eye-catching way.

Ready to Dive Deeper?

We’ve geared up to take you into the heart of the popular big-lipped black dog meme’s universe. To make it an engaging read, we’ll introduce you to some eminent members of the canine family, like the Bulldog, Boxer and others who often find themselves becoming the hilarious outward representatives of this internet trend. Not to worry – we’ll navigate through the twists and turns of their origin stories too.

“Every dog has its day – and a meme.” – Anonymous

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heart of anyone who sees them with their comedic and loveable expressions. So let’s unpack some fascinating facts about the influential viral trend of black dogs with big lips.

  • The adorable appearance: Their inherent charm lies in their magnificent big-lipped smiles that exude a sense of joy, comfort, and comedy.
  • Internet popularity: They have a significant presence in internet culture with their images frequently shared in pet forums, social media platforms and even utilized in creative meme content.
  • Diversity: The variety of breeds falling under this category is truly astounding, from Bulldogs to Boxers, Neopolitan Mastiffs to St Bernards, and much more.

“The glory of these dogs lies not only in their hilarious and cute looks but also in the unexpected amusement they bring into our lives”

If you’re all set, buckle up as we unfold the journey of the iconic black dog with big lips meme.

Dogue De Bordeaux

shines through in every pixelated image and hilarious caption. At the center stage of our attention today is the Black Dog with Big Lips Meme.

Dogo Argentino

But more notably, its big lips.

Your first glimpse of this breed would present you with a muscular, immaculate white dog with a broad face. Don’t be surprised if you can’t take your eyes off their mouth. It’s not just the size of their lips but their expressive nature that catches attention. They can be seen curving into a delighting, engaging smile or folding into an intense, thoughtful frown.

Dogo Argentino

Yet, beyond the apparent, there’s way more to learn about these ‘big-lipped’ companions. Let’s delve in.

Known for their Strength

The Dogo Argentino, originally bred in Argentina, is celebrated for its strength and tenacity. The robust physical build of these dogs is complimented by their large, jowly lips, creating a unique charm that is hard to resist.

Traditionally used for hunting big game and wild boar, these dogs are now popular as pets across the globe. Despite their imposing appearance, these dogs are known to be gentle with their families and make excellent family pets under the right conditions.

Your Friend and Protector

Apart from their physical attributes, the Dogo Argentino’s demeanor is something to admire. While their ‘big lips’ may be the internet’s fascination, their genuine loyalty and protectiveness are the features that dog owners worldwide truly appreciate. Providing them with a proper training and socialization from a young age can help mold their temperament and relationship with your family.

That said, their features and steadfast character have found their way into internet culture, primarily through memes. The dog’s big lips, combined with their expressive faces, make them prime fodder for captions that range from humorous to relatable.

In conclusion, the Dogo Argentino, with its big lips, represents the perfect blend of resolve and charm, making them captivating subjects for both life and memes. After all, who can resist those big, expressive lips?

Clumber Spaniel

Our attention to yet another favorite in the realm of dogs with big lips, the affable and adorable Clumber Spaniel. These dogs have become quite the internet sensation, largely due to their distinct, droopy jowls and their loveable personalities.

Clumber Spaniels are a breed of sporting dog, originally bred for hunting in dense covers. They’re a sturdy dog, featuring a heavy bone structure and a broad square-shaped head, but what truly sets them apart are their unmistakably large, expressive lips.

Clumber Spaniel

Not only do Clumber Spaniels have big lips, they’re also known for their laid-back temperament and their cheeky, yet lovable nature. This has led to them being the center of numerous memes and gifs, each one highlighting their adorably saggy jowls and distinctive look.

“Clumber Spaniels, they’re not merely dogs, but lovable characters.”

But the charm of this breed isn’t just skin deep. The Clumber Spaniel’s legendary gentleness, innate sense of humor, and their forests of floppy ears, and of course, those big, endearing lips make them some of the most beloved companions. Their well-mannered nature combined with their robust stature makes this breed both a wonderful family dog and a great addition to various memes.

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Let’s explore why these dogs with big lips are not only meme-worthy but also a terrific breed to have as a pet.

A Loving Companion

Clumber Spaniels are known for their loving and docile nature. They’re excellent with families and get along well with children and other pets. Their soft, large lips are always ready to shower their family with lots of slobbery kisses!

Clumber Spaniels in Internet Meme Culture

In the realm of internet meme culture, nothing gets more traction than an unusual look, and Clumber Spaniels fit that bill perfectly! Their relaxed demeanor matched with their large lips make for some hilarious and heartfelt memes. Often, the captions are centered around their laid-back approach to life, their penchant for never-ending belly rubs, and of course, those remarkable, oversized lips.

From showcasing their distinctive droopy smiles to focusing on their tenacity and charm, Clumber Spaniel memes are a hit and continue to humor and warm hearts every day on the internet.

Remember, every dog breed comes with its own unique, delightful quirks – and for Clumber Spaniels, a significant part of their charm comes from their big lips. But these dogs offer so much more than just adorably droopy jowls. They are gentle, loving, playful, and above all, ever ready to bring joy into your life!

Christy Avery has worked as a veterinary technician for more than five years, caring for both domestic and exotic animals. She has received training as a Fear Free Certified Professional to prevent and treat pet anxiety, fear, and stress.