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How to Keep Dogs From digging Under Fence: Tips for a Safe and Happy Home



How to Keep Dogs From digging Under Fence – When you’re finally able to spend some quality time with your dog, it’s often the last thing you want to do. You’d much rather be spending that precious time playing with your dog than listening to her whining about her dinner.

But when you’re trying to train your lovely canine friend not to dig under fences, there are a few things you can do. Here are three tips for keeping dogs from digging under fences:

How to Keep Dogs From digging Under Fence

Create a challenging environment for your dog

You can’t stop a dog from digging under any circumstances. As long as the dog is in your backyard and located a reasonable distance from any fence, there is no reason for your pooch to dig.

However, if your dog doesn’t stop digging in a certain spot or at a certain pace, you need to teach her that spot is under the fence. While you shouldn’t physically prevent your canine friend from exploring the neighborhood, you can help her out by creating a challenging environment.

The better your atmosphere is with your canine friend, the less likely your canine is to dig under the fence. If you’re constantly being told “Ding dong!” at 5 a.m. and “Ding dong!” at 5 p.m., your canine is probably experiencing frustration and boredom.

Any time you can provide some distraction or provide some exercise for your canine, do so. If you have a dog who is constantly whining about her dinner, you may want to try using a soft toy as a distraction. And if you have a habits problem or a problem with your own manners, you may want to consider hiring a canine trainer.

However, make sure you also have a responsible enough person on staff to manage your canine.

How to Keep Dogs From digging Under Fence
How to Keep Dogs From digging Under Fence

Train your dog to stop digging

Reinforcing the fact that you are in charge of your canine is critical to keeping your dog from digging, start by teaching your canine to stop digging in a certain spot. This can be at adoption or walk-in exhibits, on leash, or at her own leisure.

Keep your gate or fence closed at night

Although you should always let your canine out at night when possible, you don’t have to do it every time she crawls into your yard. Keep your gates or fences closed at night.

It will keep her from digging under your fence. If you have a pup who loves to hop across the overgrown grass and backyards, this may be the perfect time to start training her to hop back in the house after she’s been released.

Make sure to lock the gate or fence shut before you leave your house and make sure your canine friend is in its proper place when you get home from work or school.

Keeping your gate or fence shut at night may seem like a drastic action, but it’s a smart move for two reasons. One, your canine will be more inclined to hop into your house when she’s safely out of sight. And two, it will keep her from pouncing on you as you walk away from the house.

Find the Right Balance between Exercise and Discipline

When it comes to keeping your dog from digging under your fence, you don’t have to do everything at once. There are times when you should be allowed to do Mostly Control (CPD) and times when you should be allowed to dole out punishment (PAT).

While you should never be allowed to do both at the same time, you should be allowed to use corporal punishment when it’s proper and necessary.

If you have a dog who is constantly whining about her dinner, you may want to try using a soft toy as a distraction.

And if you have a habits problem or a problem with your own manners, you may want to consider hiring a canine trainer. However, make sure you also have a responsible enough person on staff to manage your canine.

Use pet-safe tools to get rid of digging rodents

It’s likely that your dog is just following their lead or chasing after tunneling rodents like moles or gophers if you have them. While it’s essential to do so in a way that protects your dog, getting rid of the infestation can help stop your dog’s obsessive digging.

The best course of action is to enlist the aid of pest-control experts if you want to get the finest results and make sure you choose a dog-safe method of getting rid of rats in your yard.

Get rid of sightlines

How to Keep Dogs From digging Under Fence
How to Keep Dogs From digging Under Fence

Consider installing a privacy fence if your dog is excavating in search of prey. Unfortunately, chainlink fences still provide your dog with a view of the outside world, which may encourage Fido to engage in some mutt mischief. Chainlink fences can help restrict your dog.

Utilize sturdy fencing and thoughtful planting to block off any direct lines of sight.

Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Get your animal companion neutered if he is digging himself out in search of a partner. One advantage of having your dog spayed or neutered is that the procedure may lessen your dog’s impulses to seek amusement outside of the fence.

Give your dog a place to dig.

Many puppies dig as a kind of fun or because it’s in their nature to do so. Sometimes giving your dog a secure area to dig will keep him from having to dig in inappropriate places. By providing a secure place for digging, such as a sandbox, you may encourage your dog to avoid making holes in the yard. Digging can be a very satisfying enrichment activity, and many owners find it more effective to redirect their dog’s digging than to stop it altogether.

Be aware that it can take some time for your four-footer to understand that you want him to dig in the designated area.

How to Keep Dogs From digging Under Fence

Causes of Dog Digging

If your dog is digging in your yard, you might be worried about what she’s trying to do. Some dogs dig for a variety of reasons, but some of the most common reasons include:

1. Boredom:

Dogs are intelligent creatures who love the outdoors and need to have a lot of stimulation. If they’re bored, they may try to find something else to do. This may not be anything bad; it may just be that they like to dig.

It’s possible that they need more things to do outside, and that you can provide them with these things by letting them play with toys or take them on walks around the neighborhood.

If you don’t have time for this, you can also buy toys for your dog which will keep her busy and happy when she’s outside. These toys will also provide her with mental stimulation so she doesn’t become bored.

2. Hot weather:

Dogs who dig in the summertime do so because they’re trying to cool off. If the ground is hot, your dog may dig in it to get relief from the heat. This is especially common if she’s been lying on a hard surface or walking on pavement. She might also dig because she wants to create a place for herself that is cool and comfortable.

3. Excitement:

Dogs who are digging because they’re excited about something will usually be digging near their favorite toy or bone, or near a person, they love, such as their owner or a new friend they just met.

They may be acting this way because they want to play with their favorite toy, which might be buried under the yard. They may also be excited about seeing a person that they like and are trying to get them to come over and play with them by creating an inviting space for them.

4. Bacteria:

Most dogs don’t have any interest in bacteria, but some dogs do like to eat it. This isn’t harmful; it just makes them appear unwell until the bacteria passes through their system, which usually doesn’t take long at all due to the dog’s fast metabolism.

5. Discomfort:

Dogs might also dig when they are uncomfortable due to an injury or illness . If this is happening, you should take your dog for medical care as soon as possible so you can treat her quickly and effectively.

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