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Neutered Pitbull Muscle: Does Neutering a Pitbull Affect Muscle Growth?



Neutered Pitbull Muscle -Pitbulls are strong, loyal dogs that make great pets. However, they can also be aggressive if not properly trained and socialized.

For this reason, many people choose to neuter their Pitbulls in order to help prevent these behaviors.

Neutering can also have an effect on a pitbull’s muscles, so it’s important to understand how this procedure may change your dog.

What Exactly is Neutering a Dog?

Neutered Pitbull Muscle Does Neutering a Pitbull Affect Muscle Growth
Neutered Pitbull Muscle Does Neutering a Pitbull Affect Muscle Growth

Neutering, also called castration can be a procedure carried out by a veterinarian in order to eliminate the testicles.

Neutering is usually more non-invasive in comparison to spaying (the “fixing” equivalent for female dogs).

Contrary to the uterine and ovarian structures, which are situated within the abdomen, the testicles of male dogs are situated inside the scrotum.

After placing your pet under general anesthesia, vets cut a single hole within the surface of the scrotum in order to eliminate the testicles.

But, in some cases, one or both testicles won’t descend and remain inside the abdomen.

In such cases, the need for abdominal surgery will be required, as testicle remnants located in the abdomen could develop into cancerous.

The Process of Neutering a Dog

Although neutering is generally not a surgical procedure, however, every procedure has the potential for risk.

Knowing what you can anticipate on the day of the surgery will allow you to manage your fears and help prepare your pet for the procedure.

The night before the day of your procedure, make sure that you adhere to the instructions your doctor has provided you in regards to the withholding of water or food.

On the day of your procedure, you’ll be able to take your pet to your vet’s office.

There, the IV tube will be inserted and any required pre-surgery tests are performed should they not have already taken place at the time of an appointment prior to surgery.

The procedure can be completed in a relatively short time and you’ll be able to go home with your pet on the same day after a time of observation to ensure that your pet is recuperating fully from anesthesia.

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Does Neutering a Pitbull Affect Muscle Growth?

Neutered Pitbull Muscle Does Neutering a Pitbull Affect Muscle Growth
Neutered Pitbull Muscle Does Neutering a Pitbull Affect Muscle Growth

Just like with any other dog, neutering a pitbull at a younger age can have an effect on his muscle growth. This is because when a dog is neutered, his testosterone levels drop.

Testosterone is responsible for the development of muscles, so a drop in testosterone can lead to a decrease in muscle mass.

However, this effect is usually not significant and most dogs will still be able to maintain their muscle mass after being neutered.

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What Happens When You Neuter a Pitbull?

When the testicles are removed, the primary source of testosterone hormone is eliminated.

When there are lower levels of testosterone within the body and less testosterone in the dog, it is less likely to experience masculine-to-male violence, aggression in general territorial issues, as well as other testosterone-related issues.

Neutering your dog can reduce the chance of wandering.

Factors That Can Affect Pitbull Puppy Growth

Neutered Pitbull Muscle Does Neutering a Pitbull Affect Muscle Growth
Neutered Pitbull Muscle Does Neutering a Pitbull Affect Muscle Growth

Other factors that could impact the growth of Pitbulls are:


A high-quality puppy’s food is essential for the growing puppy because they require extra nutrition throughout this time of growth.

In their first year of development, they grow rapidly and need extra calories, vitamins, and minerals to sustain the body in this phase.

If your Pitbull puppy isn’t getting the nutrients they require it can place an enormous strain on their developing process and make them more prone to injuries.

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While every breed will have an average size of what they could grow to It all boils down to their genetics.

When you have a type like Pitbull that is genetically altered in a variety of ways, it is harder to determine their exact adult size without knowing the size of their parents.


The growth plate plays such an important role in physical development any damage to the plate could result in slow growth of bone, or other complications that may develop within the bone.

Since the growth plate is delicate material during this period, it is recommended to avoid any vigorous exercise which could cause injuries to the growth plate of your Pitbull puppy.

Spaying and Neutering

Spay and neutering are the subjects of debate in the field of animal health.

Some believe that spaying or neutering at an early age (between 4 and 8 months) could cause a dog to be smaller however, this is not the case.

Recent research has shown that desexing your dog at a younger age can increase the growth period inside the plates of growth, which means that your Pitbull puppy may become larger than the average Pitbull.

Desexing young could result in a taller dog, however, some are still of the opinion that delaying the process will result in a greater body mass. This means the dog will become larger and bulkier.

The subject is being studied extensively, however, those who would rather have the appearance of a “bulky” Pitbull, typically wait until they reach the one-year mark to spay and neuter their pet.

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How Neutering May Affect a Dog’s behavior

Neutered Pitbull Muscle Does Neutering a Pitbull Affect Muscle Growth
Neutered Pitbull Muscle Does Neutering a Pitbull Affect Muscle Growth

Neutering can be a relatively risk-free procedure; However, you can anticipate drastic shifts in your dog’s behavior after you return them from the procedure.

These adverse effects could include increased aggression, anxiety, depression, or even clinginess. However, they will only last for a brief time.

Common Behavioural Changes in Male Dogs after Being Neutered

  • Reduces the chance that your pet wanders off
  • There is less tendency to hump other dogs
  • A reduction in the frequency of urinary tracts in your home
  • Less aggressive behavior

The Pros and Cons of Neutering Your Pitbull

Top Bullies


Neutering will prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Pregnant dogs are expensive to take care of as medical and food costs increase as does her stomach.

It’s not only expensive, but it may also be risky, depending on the breed of your dog and breed, with certain breeds, such as bulldogs, typically requiring cesarean section to birth puppies.

Reducing the number of pets that accidentally occur can also reduce overpopulation, which is an ongoing issue with dogs that leads to a lot of unwanted animals ending up being euthanized or in shelters.

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Sterilization also reduces the risk of serious health problems.

Certain cancers, including testicular and uterine cancer, are completely avoided by sterilizing your pet.

It also allows you to decrease the risk of other cancers, including mammary tumors. Also, you can help prevent the pyometra an extremely dangerous condition of the uterus by spaying your dog.

Neutering stops the sloppy heating cycles.

Once your dog is spayed, you are able to put aside bloody doggy diapers and blood sludge every two years.

The Neutering process is a great way to help you save money in the long run.

In reducing the risk of pregnancy, as well as various diseases and cancers and diseases, your vet bills could be reduced substantially.

It is also possible to save money for licensing or boarding as we have discussed previously because there are many vets who charge extra to house animals that are not altered due to the risk.

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Neutering could end humping.

Because of the lower levels of hormones that stimulate sexual activity, your can expect your dog could have a lower chance of climbing either you or your pillows.

It’s not the case for all dogs do not allow this to sway your way either way.

Altering your dog may provide positive behavioral changes.

Altering your dog’s behavior could make them less likely to run around and can help bring them to a calmer state as well.

It also helps reduce some forms of aggression. But, as with humping, this won’t be the case for every dog.


Risks of anesthesia

If anesthesia is in play there is a risk of complications. Some breeds, like the brachycephalic bulldog, are more at risk when they are under.

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Complications of surgery

Recovery is accompanied by strict guidelines regarding activities and aftercare.

If your dog is unable to maneuver her collier and licks the sutures, you are at a possibility of opening the wound or becoming infected. Running and jumping can damage the site of surgery.

It is impossible to reproduce again

Although this is the intention of many owners, it may be a problem for people just looking to reap the health benefits of changing.


Some females experience issues with urinary incontinence or arousing bladder after spaying. This could make dog diapers mandatory in the home.


Females are especially susceptible to UTIs within the first few days after the procedure as the excessive vulva licking following urination could cause a rise in the number of bacteria.

If you observe your dog spending too much time “down to the floor,” it’s best to consult your veterinarian.

Growth rate and bone development

Modifying dogs as they grow older could affect growth, especially with giant and large breed dogs.

Weight increase

The hormonal changes triggered by the process of desexing may increase the appetite of your dog, decrease the number of calories your dog consumes, and can result in your dog gaining a few pounds.

Personality and changes in behavior

Your dog could feel calmer after surgery, as well as “lazy” in certain owners’ eyes. Other dogs have reported fear-based aggression, as well as fear of separation (although this is not as common).

However, this isn’t always the scenario and should be discussed with your vet.

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Male appearance changes

Some pet owners are irritated by the reduction in male dogs’ scrotum. However, your dog will likely not be able to tell.

If you’re hoping to keep the natural size of your dog there, it’s possible to choose implanted canine testicular tissue (just be aware there aren’t all veterinarians who approve of this particular procedure).

What is the Best Age to Neuter a Male Pitbull?

What is the Best Age to Neuter a Male Pitbull
What is the Best Age to Neuter a Male Pitbull

Neutering male Pitbull is suggested between 5-9 months.

This should not be done prior to the age of 18 because of your Pitbull’s higher likelihood of developing health issues following surgery.

However, if you’re not yet at the 5-9 months of age or your Pitbull has grown older it’s appropriate to have them neutered.

What’s the Price to Have an Adult Dog Neutered?

Although the price varies greatly on the age of your dog, breed, as well as the location of your Veterinarian, males generally will cost less.

The cost of the procedure can range between $20-$800, however, access to low-cost clinics is dependent on the location and your income.

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Are dogs better off being neutered?

A male dog’s neutering can prevent testicular cancer as well as reduce the possibility of developing other issues like prostate disease.

A dog who is neutered could also be less inclined to wander. It can help with specific behavior problems. It can help reduce aggression in certain breeds of dogs.

Do dogs grow bigger after neutering?

Neutering in the early years isn’t going to hinder your puppy’s growth. However, it can affect the joints of dogs of large breeds.

Research suggests that spaying or neutering early can impact the size of the plate causing delays in the closure of the plate and increasing the height of dogs than they ought to.

Do dogs get bigger after being neutered?

Recent research has revealed how spaying or neutering animals such as kittens and puppies can influence their growth.

Spaying and neutering early can increase the time bones expand and result in a pet that is taller.

Do I need to neuter my dog by 6 months?

Veterinarians have long advocated spaying and neutering dogs and have suggested starting the procedure minimum of six months of age.

The studies have shown the effects of spaying or neutering (both positively and negatively) on four general health areas such as weight, arthritis cancer, and urinary health.

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