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Sasha Allen Gender Transformation: Unveiling the Truth Behind the Transgender Singer’s Journey on The Voice



Sasha Allen Gender Transformation

Was Sasha Allen from The Voice always male? Yes, Sasha, initially female at birth, transitioned to male as an adult.

Sasha Allen, together with his father Jim Allen, became a contestant on The Voice.

Their performance won much acclaim, with interest shown by coaches Ariana Grande and Kelly Clarkson.

an unexpected turn of events, Sasha found herself transitioning to the realm of the chart-topping ‘Thank you, Next’

His father was a music teacher who taught him everything about music. Sasha was only 6 when he first picked up a guitar, as per Sportskeeda.

Yes, The Voice singer Sasha Allen was born a girl.

The singer is the first transgender ever to make it past the battle round on NBC’s singing reality show.

Allen revealed his background on the introductory film played before the blind audition. He struggled with his identity and come out while growing up.

Although assigned female at birth, he always felt male from within and would photoshop his pictures to look like a male.

He hid his identity for the longest time possible before he got fed up and came out as a trans in the freshman year of high school.

He was afraid of coming out due to bullying from teachers and students. However, some understanding teachers and friends helped him and other kids with similar experiences and looked out for them.

On October 25, he shared a lengthy post on Instagram, revealing he’s the third trans to ever be on the show and the first trans to surpass the battle round.

He said he was proud to represent the LGBT+ community on such a high-profile platform and encouraged others to live their dream without fear as well.

How Old Is Sasha Allen? Age Explored

Sasha Allen’s age is between 16-24 years old.

He is a high school student but dropped out last January to follow his dream of becoming a singer.

Meet Sasha Allen On Instagram

Sasha Allen is active on Instagram under the username @speaknowsasha.

He has collected more than 106K followers on the ‘gram and is following around 1,651 personalities.

He is quite active on social media and has shared 245 posts so far.

Is Sasha Allen Dating?

Yes, Sasha Allen is dating and has a girlfriend.

After taking a peek at his Instagram profile, we discovered he is in a relationship with Brynn. She is available on social media as @barredoutbaby with 2,837 followers.

However, her Instagram is private so we could not uncover much personal information about her at the moment.

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