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Tea Time Alarm: The Funniest Law in Britain That Will Leave You Steaming with Laughter



Tea Time Alarm: Brits Risk ‘Arrest’ if They Miss Their Brew – The Hilarious British Tradition You Won’t Believe Exists

Baffled Americans, wrestling with their incredulity, have flooded social media in the past few days, thrusting out questions in their quest to tease reality from jest. Iss must drop everything and partake in their beloved tea ritual.

There indeed an ounce ofConfounded Americans truth have in f this seemingly tonguelocked to-in-cheek British custom? Let’s distill the veracity from a Briton’s perspective…

Is the ‘Tea Time Alarm’ real or fake?

The tea alarm is completely fake. It was a hoax made up earlier in 2023 which continues to fool people online months later.

It all began when a TikTok user called @imjoshfromengland2 shared a viral video in May titled: “Let me show you the British Tea Time Alarm.”

“A lot of you know we have a thing that’s right here called a Tea Time Alarm in the UK. Basically it’s gonna go off in the next 15 seconds,” he said.

“When it goes off, every British person has to have a cup of tea or make their way to have a cup of tea. Does that make sense?”

He then waits for the alarm to go off and says “There it is” before making his way to get a cup of tea immediately.


Wait for it… 👀 Heres something we do in the U.K. 🇬🇧☕️

♬ original sound – imjoshfromengland2

Tea Time Alarm’ fools people online

The video got more than 3.3 million views at the time and is still tricking people on the internet five months on.

It appears to have caught the attention of a number of people in America this week who actually thought it was real.

One person wrote: “My UK pals… there’s a Tea Time Alarm??”

“Are people just f***ing with me or is there an actual Tea Time Alarm in Britain that goes off like 3x a day and everyone has to stop what they’re doing when it goes off and they have to drink tea?” said another.

They hilariously added: “What happens if you don’t drink tea can you get arrested or something?”

“I’m sorry… WHAT? This is like a state alarm… Like will they arrest you if you don’t make tea?” another person said on TikTok.

My UK pals… there’s a tea time alarm?? 🤔🤨— 𝐉 𝐀 𝐘 𝐃 𝐄 𝐍 (@theOnlyJayden_)October 21, 2023

People in the UK think it’s hilarious

People in Britain think the whole ‘Tea Time Alarm’ prank is totally brilliant and it really plays into everyone’s sarcastic humor.

“Love how people genuinely think we have tea alarms,” someone wrote on TikTok.

Another said: “The amount of people taking this seriously is brilliant.”

Others are adding to the joke, with many telling fake stories of disasters that happened when the alarm went off.

“The Tea Time Alarm went off when I was in labor and basically had to deliver my own baby as all the midwives were busy drinking tea,” someone said.

Another joked: “My nan didn’t drink tea in time, she got arrested (life sentence).”

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