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Airplane engine explodes in mid-air, causing passengers to scream in fear

Unbelievable scene caught on camera: Watch in horror as airplane engine explodes mid-flight while passengers shriek in terror



Airplane engine explodes in mid-air, causing passengers to scream in fear

Passengers’ worst nightmare: Witness the horrifying moment an airplane engine explodes mid-flight causing panic among passengers

Brace yourselves! A shocking video circulating the internet features an airplane’s engine exploding mid-flight!

This hair-raising video has left social media abuzz, as users worldwide extend sympathies to the passengers subjected to this terrifying engine breakdown high up in the clouds.

Terrifying video shows airplane engine explode mid-flight

On a seemingly regular flight from Brazil, the unexpected happened – sudden engine explosion occurred! This terrifying incident was captured on video by a quick-thinking passenger.

The alarming footage, having made rounds on social media, presents a spine-chilling view of the airplane’s right engine spewing fire and smoke mid-air. It’s like a disaster movie this is life, except real!

Following the explosion, the plane momentarily tilts, imbalanced by the force. Talk about a real-life rollercoaster! The passengers react with panic, their screams echoing in the confined space, their pleas for help punctuating the eerie engine noises.

In an impressive display of airmanship, the plane managed a safe landing in Rio de Janeiro, miraculously resulting in zero casualties.

This situation was indeed a living nightmare for the passengers. Putting ourselves in their shoes, witnessing such massive mechanical failure mid-air, is far from what anyone would anticipate in their flight experience.

Airplane engine explodes mid-flight 😳 — Crazy Clips (@crazyclipsonly) October 19, 2023

Users pray for the passengers’ safety

The video prompted wishes and prayers for passengers on the plane as it only showed the moment the engine exploded, resulting in many assuming that the plane must have not landed safely. Thankfully, everyone came out of it unharmed.

“I would die of a heart attack. I hope they are okay,” said one.

Another added: “Scary. Hope all went well to get landed.”

A third one said: “Then what happened? They either landed safely or someone found the phone in the wreckage. Which was it?”

Airplanes can fly with one failed engine

Users are finding it hard to believe that the airplane landed safely despite a failed engine. Apparently, that’s possible and it’s not as serious as one would imagine.

We couldn’t imagine what the passengers onboard must have gone through at the moment because nobody flying on a plane would want to see one of its pivotal parts get destroyed in front of their eyes.

CNN, an experienced aviator clarified the functioning of planes in the unlikely event of an engine explosion mid-flight.

He reassured, “Single engine operation won’t allow full power for take-off but is entirely capable of flight and subsequent landing.”

He concluded by saying, “The aircraft design permits it to fly on one engine just as efficiently as on two until the fuel supply is exhausted.”

Christy Avery has worked as a veterinary technician for more than five years, caring for both domestic and exotic animals. She has received training as a Fear Free Certified Professional to prevent and treat pet anxiety, fear, and stress.