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Why does my dog only hump me?



If your four-legged friend is also your most ardent secret admirer, you know that love bites (and humps)! But why does your dog

If your four-legged friend is also your most ardent secret admirer, you know that love bites (and humps)! But why does your dog choose to reserve this peculiar display of affection for you only? Let’s unbury the bone of this mystery, delve doggedly into doggy psychology, and shed a comical yet scientific light on the sentence often exclaimed by bewildered dog owners: “Why does my dog only hump me?”

“Humping isn’t always sexual; sometimes it’s just another way for the dog to express itself. We, as humans, just find it harder to digest because we associate humping with sexual behavior. But in the end, every dog barks its own tune.”

– Alfie Chandler, renowned dog behaviorist.

We know you’ve been panting for the answer. So let’s jump, or hump over, to understand this unspoken canine language. Bear in mind that your dog isn’t trying to stir up controversy or make you the talk of the park. It’s about time we untangle the leash of misconceptions surrounding this dog behavior.

  • Humping for Hierarchies: For our canine chums, humping is not just about reproduction. It can be a way of establishing who heads the pack. They could be trying to tell you–’Hey look, I’m the boss applesauce.’
  • Socialisation: Sometimes dogs hump as an awkward attempt to socialize, akin to that uncle who always tells inappropriate jokes at family gatherings.
  • Excitement: A catchy tune on the radio, arrival of a beloved guest, or even the jingling of the leash might tickle your dog’s excitement levels, resulting in bounciful humpy joy.

We are doggedly determined to fetch you even more answers, and we promise to treat you to some surprising insights, as we continue to explore: Why does your dog only hump you?

9 Reasons Why Does My Dog Hump Me And No One Else?

your precious pooch has taken a peculiar penchant for practicing his procreating prowess on your person, this post might provide the pertinent answers you need. Let’s uncover the engrossing enigma: Why does my dog hump me and no one else?

Possible Reason 1: Dominance

Commonly perceived as a play for power, your dog might be attempting to assert dominance over you. This behavior, intriguing as it is, is a natural canine communication method.

Possible Reason 2: Sexual Behaviour

While it might seem obvious, it’s an essential point to consider. Your dog could be carrying out this act due to sexual instincts. Though, remember this may not necessarily mean your dog is attracted to you in that manner.

“It’s a dog’s way of saying, ‘I’m really excited right now'”- Dr. Stanley Coren, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Psychology at the University of British Columbia.

Possible Reason 3: Excitement or Stress

Your dog might resort to humping due to heightened excitement or stress. Certain environments or interactions can cause these emotions to surge, leading to humping behavior.

Possible Reason 4: Attention-Seeking

If most of your reactions to your dog’s behavior have been entertaining or rewarding, then it’s possible your furry companion is simply putting on a show for attention, even if the parties involved are somewhat unwilling participants.

Possible ReasonHow to Counter This behavior?
DominanceEstablish your leadership and command respect
Sexual BehaviorNeuter or spay your dog if you haven’t already
Excitement or StressProvide a calm and stable environment
Attention-SeekingUse training and reinforcement to discourage such behaviors

Possible Reason 5: Playtime

Similar to human children, dogs can often express their jovial spirits through actions that are not exactly appropriate in ‘human terms’. The humping activity could simply be your pet’s way of conveying an itch to play.

Possible Reason 6: Medical Conditions

Though rare, certain medical conditions could result in your dog resorting to humping. It is always advisable to consult a professional if the behavior persists despite your best efforts to curtail it.

Possible Reason 7: Habit

No judgement here, we all have our quirks, right? But as a dog parent, it’s crucial for

Why They StartedWhy It Persisted
They started because, initially, it likely did serve a purpose (practicing mating behavior, showing dominance, etc.)Once they had this experience, they found it satisfying and continued to do it!
They found your reaction funny (yes, dogs can have a weird sense of humor!)You continued to give them the attention they want. Even if your response was not positive, they might just be doing it for the reaction!

Why does my dog hump me and no one else?

Listen here, buddy. If you’ve noticed that your dog has taken a particular – ahem – liking to you, and by that I mean they’ve been humping your leg more eagerly than a sailor on shore leave, you’re probably wondering “why is my dog only humping me and no one else?”.

“Why is Rover treating me like his personal love pillow while ignoring everyone else?”

Well, let’s have a gander, shall we?

Take note that when our four-legged friends start to get frisky, it’s not always related to the birds and the bees, the double entendre of the phrase “doggy style” notwithstanding.

  • The first reason might be about asserting dominance. You know what they say: When a dog is trying to ‘be the boss’, their tactics can get a bit……bobbity, if you get my drift?
  • The second reason could be linked to attention-seeking behaviour. Nothing says “Look at me!” quite like a dog attempting a mating ritual on your leg in front of dinner guests.
  • The third reason might be that your dog has no other pals to express themselves with. Lack of other dogs around could mean you’re the closest thing your pup has to a surrogate humping post.

You’re probably thinking “Great! Now I know why my dog sees me as their personal amusement park ride. But isn’t there a bit more to it?” And to that, I say – absolutely there is!

Let’s take a dive into the listed reasons more deeply.

Asserting DominanceMounting behaviour, including humping, can be a sign a dog is trying to exert control or establish dominance over you. You might be their chosen target because they view you as their main companion – essentially the ‘top dog’.
Attention-Seeking BehaviourDogs are social creatures, craving attention and affection. If they’ve noticed that humping you gets a reaction, (and let’s be honest, how could it not?), they might continue to do so simply to keep your attention focused on them.
Lack of Other Canine CompanionsIf your dog has no other doggy friends to play with and express their behavioural tendencies, it’s likely that they’ll turn to the next best thing – which, sorry to say, is probably your leg or other unfortunate body part.

But remember, when it’s all said and done, your dog humping you doesn’t mean that they’re out to seduce you. It’s just one of the ways man’s best friend may be trying to communicate with you – possibly about dominance or a need for some extra play buddies. So, stay informed, have a laugh, and let’s keep it classy, Rover!

Christy Avery has worked as a veterinary technician for more than five years, caring for both domestic and exotic animals. She has received training as a Fear Free Certified Professional to prevent and treat pet anxiety, fear, and stress.