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How Long Are Cats in Heat? Seven Days



How Long Are Cats in Heat?
How Long Are Cats in Heat?

How Long Are Cats in Heat? In cats, the mating season lasts virtually all year. In a female kitten, heat cycles can begin as early as four or five months. Cats’ heat cycles can last anywhere from a few days to up to two weeks. As long as the cat is not spayed or falls pregnant, heat cycles in cats occur every two to three weeks.

What is a cat’s heat cycle?

Cat heat cycle is the time when the female cat is ready to be mated. A female cat in heat produces specific pheromones to attract male cats.

What does a cat in heat look like?

A cat in heat will have an overall glow about her and will be more vocal than usual. Her tail becomes plumper and she will rub herself against any available surfaces, such as your legs, furniture or even the walls.

She may also become aggressive towards other animals, so if you have pets of your own it’s best to keep them away from her during her mating period.

During this time, a female cat’s ovaries swell and develop eggs that are released if she is not mated before they disintegrate after around 24 hours. If she is not pregnant or spayed by the end of her heat cycle, the eggs are reabsorbed back into her body during a process called “proestrus.”

How Long Are Cats in Heat? Seven Days

How Long Are Cats in Heat?
How Long Are Cats in Heat?

The length of time that a female cat stays in heat depends on how old she is when she first experiences it. The younger she is when entering puberty, the shorter each subsequent cycle tends to be; though cycles can vary from seven days for young kittens to 21 days for older cats who’ve already been through several heats. If a female cat is not mated during her heat cycle, the next one will begin approximately two weeks later.

Cats in Heat: The Basics

The time when a female cat is in heat is a time of great change for her. She will have a new heightened sense of smell, and may display an increased appetite. You may even see her salivating more than usual as she anticipates the arrival of her mate.

For a cat in heat, the scent of males is irresistible; this is why it’s important to keep her away from other cats during this time.

As well as being drawn to the scent of male cats, she will also rub up against objects such as furniture and walls, leaving behind pheromones that will act as calling cards for any males in the area. She may also leave small gifts such as hairs on your clothes or furniture, which are actually marking you as “hers.”

When a female cat is in heat, she will become receptive to mating after just three days. At this point she will be able to mate with several different males during one cycle — although it’s unlikely that more than one male at a time will be interested in mating with her — so it’s important to keep her away from roaming neighborhood cats who may want to take advantage of her when she’s vulnerable.

Mating Behaviors

When your female cat is ready for mating, you’ll probably notice that she becomes very affectionate towards you and your family members. This isn’t because she loves you more than usual; rather it’s because she wants to get close enough to you so that she can rub on you, leaving her scent on your clothing.

If your female cat gets the chance to mate with a male cat during this time, she will probably be so excited that she’ll squeal, purr, and even meow loudly during the mating process. She may also become aggressive if another female cat is in the area or if a male cat tries to get too close to her.

When your female cat is ready for mating, it’s important that you don’t let her go outside unsupervised. It’s possible that she could meet an unfamiliar male cat in your neighborhood who may try to force himself on her — causing her harm in the process — or even worse, bringing along a whole group of unwanted cats who will then try to force themselves on her as well.

If you see another neighborhood cat hanging around your house while your female cat is in heat, it’s best to keep them separated by closing all of the windows and doors at night and keeping her inside until after he has left the area. If you notice any other strange-looking cats hanging around your property during this time, contact Animal Control immediately (or call 911 if necessary.)

You’ll also want to make sure that there are no holes or gaps under doors or windows where other neighborhood cats could enter your house undetected.

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Taking Care of Your Female Cat During Heat Cycles

Taking Care of Your Female Cat During Heat Cycles
Taking Care of Your Female Cat During Heat Cycles

Even though it can be very tempting to let your female cat go outside every once in awhile when she’s in heat, it’s not a good idea at all. She can be injured by other neighborhood cats and can also get into fights with them for territory.

There are a few things that you can do to make sure that your cat is safe and happy during heat:

  1. Make sure that she has plenty of toys and scratching posts available to her inside of the house. This way she’ll be able to keep herself entertained while you’re not around.
  2. Let her out on a leash or harness. This will allow you to keep an eye on her and make sure that she doesn’t get into any trouble while she’s in heat.
  3. Provide her with lots of attention, affection and playtime during this time period.
  4. If your cat is an indoor/outdoor cat, allow her outside for short periods during the day only when other cats are not likely to be around (in the early mornings or late evenings).

If your female cat is pregnant, it’s very important that you contact your vet as soon as possible if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  1. She has a hard time breathing or seems to be gasping for air.
  2. She has difficulty urinating or defecating.
  3. Her abdomen becomes swollen (this could indicate a large mass in the abdomen).
  4. She begins vomiting.
  5. She becomes lethargic.
  6. She refuses food.
  7. Her temperature rises above 103F.
  8. She has diarrhea.
  9. Her discharge from her vagina changes color (becomes clear instead of bloody).
  10. You notice any foul-smelling discharge coming from her rear end.
  11. If she misses a cycle.
  12. If she starts bleeding.
  13. If she seems depressed.

How can I get my cat out of heat?

How Long Are Cats in Heat?
How Long Are Cats in Heat?
  1. Distract her with a laser pointer, play with her and offer her treats.
  2. Keep her in an area away from male cats.
  3. Place a towel or blanket over her to block out the sights and smells of other cats in heat.
  4. keep your female cat away from male cats.
  5. Take her to the vet for injections that will suppress her estrus cycle until she is spayed (spaying should be done before she goes into heat again).

If your cat is in heat, there are several things that you can do to help control it:

  1. Keep your cat indoors so that she does not have contact with other cats that are in heat as well (this will decrease the chances of multiple mating).
  2. Provide your cat with plenty of food, water and attention during this time period (this will improve their health).
  3. Take them to the vet for routine shots if they are not already up-to-date on their vaccinations (this will strengthen their immune system).
  4. Have them spayed as soon as possible after this cycle has ended (this will help prevent future heat cycles).

Is it painful for cats to be in heat?

No, your cat is not in pain while she is in heat if you have a female cat. While in heat, cats may experience some mild discomfort and excitement but no pain. A cat in the heat cycle creates a howling noise not out of discomfort but rather to entice a possible mate.

How Long Are Cats in Heat?

Conclusion: How Long Are Cats in Heat?

The cat heat cycle is a normal part of the breeding season for both sexes. It lasts for seven days and is caused by the female’s heatting herself. Most of the time, it is nothing to worry about, and most of the time, it is a sign that her breeding season is going well. Temperatures across the country have been climbing, so it is important to be mindful of where your cat is located during the hot months. There is really no reason to be anxious or stressed if your cat is in heat. You can protect her by staying out of the hot parts of the house and paying strict attention to her when she is in heat.

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