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Maine Coon Cat Price: The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Maine Coon



Maine Coon Cat Price -‍ The Maine Coon cat is an impressive breed with a variety of physical attributes that make it stand out from other cats. It has a dense double coat with broad fur, tufts above the eyes, and a terrifying roar when threatened that gives this feline its mystical ursine appearance.

Coons are also known as Gentle Giants because they’re usually around 25 pounds with an average length of 40 to 50 cm. They’re one of the largest domestic cat breeds in the world.

Even though they look like big old bear cats, they have a sweet disposition and are surprisingly easy to care for. Read on to learn everything you need to know about buying a Maine Coon Cat before making your final decision.

Maine Coon Cat Price

Maine Coon Cat Price
Maine Coon Cat Price

The price of a Maine Coon Cat is determined by breed, weight, length, and size. Generally, these are estimated by breeders, but some breed clubs and organizations are responsible for calculating the price.

The price can range from around $100–$400 for adoption, $800–$2,000 from breeders and $350–$1,300 for Initial Setup and Supplies, so research the various options carefully before making a decision.

It’s important to understand the different costs involved in buying a Maine Coon Cat. Each breed has different costs for everything, so it’s difficult to generalize about the price of a single cat, or even of a large group of them.

But when you’re deciding between buying a single or a housecat or other breed, you also want to consider the total cost of purchase. That’s because if you decide you want a specific breed, that’s another purchase you’ll have to calculate the price of. (For example, if you want a roan kitten, you’ll need to decide how much that costs, and then how much that will include.)

And if you decide you want a Maine Coon kitten, that’s another purchase you’ll have to figure out how much that will cost. So buying in one lump sum might be cheaper than buying in pieces, but it’s also less expensive overall.

List of Maine Coon Cat Care Supplies and Costs

  1. Pet License (not always required):$12 – $25
  2. Spay/Neuter:$50 – $500
  3. Vet Exam and Shots:$60 – $150
  4. Flea/Tick Prevention:$50
  5. Microchip:$45
  6. Teeth Cleaning:$200 – $400
  7. Cat Bed:$20
  8. Nail Clipper (optional):$6
  9. Brush (optional):$12
  10. Litter Box:$20
  11. Litter Scoop:$9
  12. Toys:$25
  13. Carrier:$30
  14. Food and Water Bowls:$15

Things to look for when buying a Maine Coon

When you’re weighing the costs of buying a Maine Coon Cat, you also have to consider things like the type of breed you’re getting, the breed’s temperament, how much space is needed for the new kitten, and where the old one is currently living.

Be sure to read reviews and check out websites like recommended breeders to make sure they’re fit for the job.

A good authority on the breed is a veterinarian who has been certified to work in the breed. You’ll also want to consider the breed’s personality and how interested people are in it.

A calm, collected breed with a happy nature is perfect for people who enjoy a steady job but are looking for a different kind of job.

What’s so great about the Maine Coon Cat?

There are a variety of things that make a Maine Coon Cat so great. Some of these attributes are simply a breed’s trade-offs, and others are effortless. The following are fun facts about Maine Coon Cat:

  1. Maine Coon Cat has a very unique personality. They are extremely friendly and loyal to the people they know. They also tend to be very playful, and this can make them entertaining for children.
  2. Maine Coon Cats are incredibly intelligent and curious. They are known for being very active, but this is not necessarily a bad thing as it keeps them from becoming bored or lonely.
  3. Maine Coon Cats love water! You will often see them drinking from the faucet or trying to bathe in the sink.
  4. Maine Coon Cats have beautiful fur that is extremely soft, dense, and long (about four inches).
  5. They can easily jump up to six feet high without any help from you!
  6. Maine Coons love attention from their owners and will do anything for some affection!
  7. Maine Coons tend to be more vocal than other breeds of cats so you’ll often hear them meowing around your house!
  8. Maine Coons have an extremely fluffy tail that they use as a blanket when they sleep on cold surfaces like tile floors or concrete outside in winter weather.

How to find the best breeder?

One of the most important things you can do to find the best breeder for your pet is to speak with people who are interested in the breed.

Ask them how they got started, what their goals were, and what they expect from the rest of their life. You may also want to speak to people who are interested in the breed but aren’t yet aware of a suitable breeder.

Costs involved in Raising a Coon cat

It’s a good idea to have at least $300 to $500 prt month available for your Maine Coon Cat. This will cover all of the initial costs, such as spaying or neutering, vaccinations, deworming and other medical costs.

Food costs will vary depending on how many calories your cat needs per day. If you want your Maine Coon Cat healthy then you have got to feed them right.

You need to be prepared that it may be more expensive than what you expect because they have different requirements than other breeds.

That is why it would be great if you could ask breeders what they feed their cats so that you could know what exactly is needed in order for them to stay healthy and fit.

The Pros and Cons of buying a Maine Coon Cat

Although the costs of buying a Maine Coon Cat are different for every breed, there are some general advantages to buying a Maine Coon Cat.


  1. Maine Coon Cats are known to have a very loving character. They are also known to be very intelligent which can be seen in their ability to learn tricks and obey commands.
  2. Maine Coon Cats have a long lifespan, with some living up to 20 years old.
  3. The Maine Coon Cat is a great family pet, as they love being around people and they get along well with other animals.
  4. This breed of cat is known for their hunting skills, so if you live in an area where there are rodents then this might not be the best option for you as they will go after them if given the opportunity.
  5. They require minimal grooming so you don’t have to worry about buying specific products just for them or having frequent visits to the groomer every month or so.


  1. Maine Coon Cats are very large in size, so if you live in a small apartment then this might not be the best option for you.
  2. This breed of cat is known to be very vocal and they also love to talk back when you talk to them.
  3. If you are living an active lifestyle then this might not be the best option for you as this breed of cat can get easily bored so they tend to follow their owners around a lot which can be a nuisance.
  4. They require a lot of attention and affection from their owners, so if your work schedule is demanding then this might not be the best option for you as they will feel neglected and unhappy with their lives.
  5. Maine Coon Cats are known to have a bad reaction towards strangers, so if your houseguests come over frequently then this might not be the best option for you as they will probably scare your guests away or cause some sort of accident during the visit because of their territorial nature towards strangers or new people in general.
Maine Coon Cat Price

Final Words: Maine Coon Cat Price

Considered one of the most popular breeds, Maine Coon Cats are known all around the world because of their beauty, intelligence and loving personality but there is more than meets the eye when it comes to buying one as there are some things that every owner needs to know about them before making a final decision on buying one as well as what all goes into owning one and how much does it cost?

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